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The value of ₹ from to

in has the purchasing power of about ₹ today, a ₹ increase in years. Between and today, the rupee experienced an average annual inflation rate of %, resulting in a cumulative price increase of %.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, today's prices are several times higher than the average price since .

In , the inflation rate was %. Inflation is now % higher than it was last year. If this figure holds true, ₹ today will be worth ₹ next year in purchasing power.

Inflation from to

Summary Value
Cumulative price change (from to today) %
Average inflation rate (from to today) %
Converted amount
Price Difference
CPI in
CPI in
Inflation in %
Inflation in %
in in

Buying power of ₹ in

If you had ₹ in your hand in , its adjusted value for inflation today would be ₹. Put another way, you would need ₹ to beat the rising inflation. When ₹ becomes equivalent to ₹ over time, the "real value" of a single Indian rupee decreases. In other words, a rupee will pay for fewer items at the store.

This effect explains how inflation gradually erodes the value of a rupee. By calculating the value in rupees, it's evident how ₹ loses its worth over years.

Rupee inflation for ₹ from to

The below tabular column shows the effect of inflation on ₹ in the year to the year .

Year Rupee Value Inflation Rate
2006 5.7965%
2007 6.3729%
2008 8.3493%
2009 -0.36%
2010 1.64%
2011 8.91%
2012 9.47%
2013 10.01%
2014 6.66%
2015 4.907%
2016 4.95%
2017 3.33%
2018 3.94%
2019 3.73%
2020 6.62%
2021 5.13%
2022 6.08%

Conversion of rupees to today's price

Based on the % change in prices, the following amounts are shown in today's rupees:

Initial value Today value
₹1 rupee in rupees today
₹5 rupees in rupees today
₹10 rupees in rupees today
₹50 rupees in rupees today
₹100 rupees in rupees today
₹500 rupees in rupees today
₹1,000 rupees in rupees today
₹5,000 rupees in rupees today
₹10,000 rupees in rupees today
₹50,000 rupees in rupees today
₹100,000 rupees in rupees today
₹500,000 rupees in rupees today
₹1,000,000 rupees in rupees today

How to calculate the inflated value of ₹ in

To calculate the change in value between and today, we use the following inflation rate formula:

CPI Today / CPI in x Rupee Value in = Current Rupee Value

By plugging the values into the formula above, we get:

/ x ₹ = ₹

To buy the same product that you could buy for ₹ in , you would need ₹ in .

To calculate the cumulative or total inflation rate in the past years between and , we use the following formula:

CPI in - CPI in / CPI in x 100 = Cumulative Inflation Rate

By inserting the values to this equation, we get:

( - / ) x 100 = %

Alternate method to calculate today's value of money after inflation - Using compound interest formula

Given that money changes over time due to inflation, which acts as compound interest, we can use the following formula:

FV = PV (1+i/100)^n


  • FV = Future value
  • PV = Present value
  • i: Average interest rate (inflation)
  • n: Number of times the interest is compounded (i.e. # of years)

The future value in this case represents the amount obtained after applying the inflation rate to our initial value. In other words, it indicates how much ₹ is worth today. We have years between and . The average inflation rate was %.

Plugging in the values into the formula, we get:

(1+ % / 100 ) ^ = ₹